Main Features

Take a look at some of the main features that our server offers, as well as how they work.

Custom World Generation

The server uses a special overworld generator called Terralith and Nether generator called Incendium, which in addition to adding 1.18-like cave and mountain generation (as well as increased world height and depth), adds hundreds of new biomes and custom world and nether generation to Minecraft. Exploration has never been better with hundreds of custom biomes to explore!

Due to the world generation being handled by a custom generator, as well as updates to that generator, you may encounter world generation issues. These most often are blatantly obvious changes in world terrain. Please report these, including the coordinates of the glitched chunks to the server admins so that we can fix them. DO NOT build on or near glitched chunks as they may be removed without notice.


The fear system adds an extra level of difficulty to gameplay on the server. Darkness, as well as nearby mobs cause your fear bar to fill up. Once you hit a critical fear level (80%+), you begin to experience negative effects, eventually ending in death at 100% fear. To mitigate this, you must get to a lit space (any default light source will do), or hold a torch if you have Optifine installed. Both of these factors will cause your fear bar to go down as the light makes you less afraid.


The temperature system is really good at ruining your day if you do not have a heat or cooling source around. You will notice that you get cold at night and during rain, while swimming, as well as while travelling in certain biomes. Likewise, you will also get too hot in certain biomes and conditions in which you are too close to sources of extreme heat (i.e. lava). In order to cool yourself down, you either need blocks of packed ice or to take a quick swim in a river or pond. To warm yourself up, have a campfire handy; it might just save your life. This system serves to implement some added realism into the server, while also making survival harder (frankly, the way it should be). You may notice similarities to the mod called Tough As Nails. This is because this feature was inspired by it.

Temperature Colours

Cold - Blue Gray - Neutral Hot - Yellow/Black

Blue Temperature Indicator (Cold)

If your temperature indicator turns blue, you are too cold. This usually means you have spent too much time in the water and need to warm up. You should place down a campfire to warm yourself.

Grey Temperature Indicator (Neutral)

If your temperature indicator is grey, you are at just the right temperature. This is the temperature that you should aim to stay at.

Yellow Temperature Indicator (Hot)

If your temperature indicator is yellow, you are too hot. This usually means you are in a hot biome or are near lava or other hot areas (often sand). You should take a swim in some water to cool yourself.


Looking for a faster method of travel? Look no further than roads and highways! Roads and highways speed up both players and entities travelling on them (including horses) in order to provide a faster, more convenient way to travel places.


Making a road is simple! Roads are simply paths made from dirt-path blocks. Just right-click a grass block with a shovel to start building your first road! These will provide a small speed increase.


Building a highway is a little more resource and time-consuming, but in the end, is generally worth it. In order to build a highway, you must place down two layers of cobblestone and one layer of gravel on top (see the picture above). These will provide a significant speed increase to both you as well as your steed, as well as some clear space to travel.

Property Protection

If you ever have your items stolen or your build(s) griefed, make sure to report it to the server admins! We have the tools to investigate what happened and we may be able to restore your property!

We know that your items are important to you! That's why we have implemented a door and container locking system! This system allows you to place locks on your doors, chests, furnaces and other containers, as well as the ability to add friends who can access your locked items. Perfect for if you are building a base with someone else! In order to lock a door or container, just shift and right-click on the block you wish to lock. This will open up the Block Lock GUI which you can navigate to lock the block, add friend access and more!


The server also has an enhanced fishing system! While you will not find more than the usual fish in ponds and rivers, you can reel in some pretty big catches with a fishing rod! From Bluegills to Halibut, the variety of fish you can catch redefines the fishing scene!

Fish Market

If you look around at the server's spawn, you can find a small booth. Here you can sell off your fish for their listed value! You can make a tidy profit by cashing in a day's haul of fish by right-clicking the "Fish Market" sign with them. You can also set up private deals with other players by using the /pay <player> <amount> command.

Weekly Fishing Tournament

Most weeks there is a fishing tournament hosted on the server. Who can catch the most fish? Prove your skills on the seas by ranking your way up to #1 on the leaderboard and win the tournament prize! All players are automatically entered into the tournament. Winners will be picked automatically based on the size and amount of fish caught. Can't wait to see you on the seas, sailor!

Blood Moon

A blood moon is probably the most terrifying event that can occur on the server. While it happens on a regular basis and is predictable, you DO NOT want to get caught unawares.

A blood moon will occur every 15 Minecraft days. Blood moons come with buffs and benefits as well as extremely excessive amounts of death. During a blood moon, you will be unable to sleep, giving you the urge to go outside. It is only recommended that you do this if you can handle it.


  • Increased mob item drops.

  • Better mob loot (many valuable ores and other items drop).

  • Experience from mobs is quintupled (x5 experience).

Increased Danger

  • Your items will immediately despawn when you die.

  • Damage dealt by mobs is doubled (x2 damage).

  • Mobs have tripled their health (x3 health).

  • Cannot sleep during a blood moon.

  • Twice the mobs spawn (x2 mob spawn rates).

  • Hoards of mobs will spawn.


A hoard is something you do not wish to ever deal with, however, it will inevitably happen during a blood moon. In a hoard, zombies, skeletons and spiders will spawn in huge amounts and travel in groups towards you. Hoards are very good at dealing large amounts of damage and preventing escape.

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