Welcome to the Zandercraft Better Vanilla SMP!

An enhanced vanilla SMP server with various mechanics that help to improve your overall gameplay experience.


This server was originally created as an SMP concept for a new survival series on Zander's livestreams, later developing into a full public SMP server, running 24/7. The goal is to produce a server that stays true to vanilla Minecraft's survival concepts but adding features that just make sense in order to enhance gameplay. The changes we've implemented do not break Minecraft's vanilla feel, but instead, enhance it through additions of concepts from real life as well as some more interesting additions that add extra difficulty to the game.

How do I connect?

Before playing, make sure to read our Server Rules to ensure that you do not get banned.

The server requires that you accept a resource pack in order to join. This resource pack allows for some of the enhanced features of the server to properly function. If you do not accept it, you will not be able to join the server.

The server runs on the latest version of Minecraft: Java Edition (currently 1.17.1). Joining is as easy as going to the Multiplayer menu, clicking "Add Server", and filling out the fields as follows, then check out our Getting Started guide for some information on how best to get started on the server.

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