Getting Started

A beginner's guide to getting started on the server.

Connecting To The Server

Before playing, make sure to read our Server Rules to ensure that you do not get banned.

The server requires that you accept a resource pack in order to join. This resource pack allows for some of the enhanced features of the server to properly function. If you do not accept it, you will not be able to join the server.

The server runs on the latest version of Minecraft: Java Edition (currently 1.17.1). Joining is as easy as going to the Multiplayer menu, clicking "Add Server", and filling out the fields as follows:

Spawning In

You should be familiar with the temperature system before exiting the spawn region. This will prevent a lot of death. Temperature indicator colours are as follows: Blue - Too cold (You should warm up by a campfire) Grey - Neutral Orange/Black - Too hot (You should cool down in some water)

When you first spawn into the world, you will appear at the server's main spawn area (as seen above). This area includes a few things including:

  • The server fish market.

  • A board to help remind people of the rules as well as server features.

  • A desert well to help you cool off if you start to overheat.

This area is well-lit to keep fear level to a minimum, as well as being protected from various forms of mob explosions and griefing. You can think of this area as a safe haven, as it contains all that is needed to survive in the world.

Starting Your Adventure

This guide presumes that you have a basic understanding of Minecraft, crafting recipes and the key fundamentals of survival from this point forward. If you do not, look up some guides on "How to survive your first night in Minecraft" and practice in a single-player world before getting started on the server.

Since the server's spawn is located in a desert, one thing you will have to worry about is overheating. The first thing you want to do when you embark on your journey is to exit the desert and look for two things; water and wood. You should travel by the waterways, but be careful not to stay in the water long enough to freeze. Water is currently pretty problematic in terms of causing freezing. Once you have found a source of wood, craft yourself some tools and acquire stone by taking a quick mining trip. Once you have 8 cobblestone, craft a furnace and use your wood to make some charcoal. Once you have charcoal, immediately craft a campfire. You will need this to warm you up and regulate your temperature if you start to get too cold as well as to light up your first settlement. Beyond this, you should explore around and find a good place to spend your first night, continuing with the general vanilla Minecraft survival process as usual.

Remember: At night and while mining, you will need a source of light to ensure that your fear level does not reach a critical fear level.

The second day is probably the best to go out, collect any extra resources you need and to explore for a place to settle down more permanently. Try to explore far enough away from spawn that you have had enough time to pick a good location, aren't interfering with other's land, aren't interfering with spawn and are close enough to be able to get back to spawn for events such as fishing tournaments, the Fish Market, and any meetups and drop parties.

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